Library is not just house of books. It is home to all kinds of information that is fundamental to learning and discovery. The world is changing rapidly and the dissemination of information even more accelerated manner. Library of today meets all the present and future needs. There is one such library in CSSR&SRRM Degree & PG College. The Library was started in the year 1992 when the College started. Library contributes to enhance the knowledge of the students and the faculty. It is a well stocked library. The college library is main source of knowledge which has around 4,028 volumes of books with digital library facility. It subscribes national journals which are considered to be more useful both for students and faculty. The library has excellent facilities. All the required books are stocked in the library. Students have access to free internet, online reference books, journals, newspapers for studies and research purposes. Library and reading room is arranged on the ground floor to facilitate the requirements of the physically challenged students.

The college has provided central computing facility with BSNL Wi-Fi internet connection of 10 mbps. The library system is converted to IT based with the help of Library Management SOLO Software. With this facility the students as well as the staff get the privilege of the Open Access System to locate the books in the library.

The Library works towards achieving the following aims and objectives:

  • To provide a supportive and motivating environment for students and staff.
  • To encourage all students to reach their full potential as independent learners and develop a positive attitude to life-long learning.
  • To promote the enjoyment of reading as a recreational activity in all students.
  • To provide access to relevant resources of curriculum for students and staff.
  • To provide opportunities for the students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to access various modern library facilities.
  • To contribute to the development of positive personal attributes within each student.

The College Library strengthens and enhances the learning, teaching, and research and service skills. The Library promotes intellectual growth and creativity by developing collections, facilitating access to information resources and its effective usage and critical evaluation skills besides offering research assistance.
The College Library develops, organizes, and provides access to and preserve materials to meet the needs of present and future generations of students and scholars. The library explores and implements innovative technologies and services to deliver information and scholarly resources which are convenient to users anytime and anyplace in the campus. It also provides well-equipped and functional physical spaces where students can pursue independent learning and discovery outside the classroom.

Library with all its sections are computerized, cataloguing, OPAC, circulation is done through computer.


Total number of books  - 4,028 (approximately)
Total number of journals  - 10
Total number of magazines - 16
Number of news papers  - 12


Populations Served

  • Staff of the College, the teaching and the non-teaching staff.
  • Students of both the under graduate and post graduates.


  • Open for all the students, the faculty and the staff on all working days.
  • Reference assistance available during the working hours.
  • Photo copying facility.
  • Assistance to the readers the sources of digital information.


  • The Library collects the useful information from various sources like dailies, periodicals, etc., about various programmes for the students and the staff. The Information about the seminars, workshops, employment opportunities, coaching programmes and others is displayed on the library notice board.
  • Gathering and placing materials on the reserve which would serve as ready reference.
  • Collections of Audiovisual materials, media services for students, faculty and other visitors.


  • Proposal has been made for an expansion of library. Closes Circuit Connection is to be installed to make the Open Access Systems more useful from security point of view.
  • It is also proposed to introduce ‘detection systems’ for Security of the library.
  • Moreover, effective mechanism is proposed to be introduced to undertake user’s studies frequently to know the information needs of users.
  • It is proposed develop separate research scholar section for the benefit of research scholars and post graduate students.

It is proposed to organize separate places to study in groups, places to study alone,- carrels or tables that are often partitioned or enclosed and is used for individual study, and lockers.